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Tipi Wedding Inspiration

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Vibrant fuchsia, nigella blue, lavender, peach and a sage green all all work in harmony with a laid back boho look and feel. If you're looking for a style that's more informal, playful and allows you're creativity to run wild - then this is the perfect wedding theme for you!

Tipi festival wedding inspiration, invitations and save the date

  • The Stationery: How about a pop up save the date tipi? Personalise your save the date with gorgeous illustrations of the couple, allowing you to choose your own outfits, hair choices and colour scheme, this design is so fun and totally personalised. With simple instructions, the tipi comes flat for your guests to build in four simple steps.

  • Wedding Style: Tipi weddings are perfect for those who love to be outdoors and love to put their own stamp on things! Everything is totally customisable for a tipi wedding, right down to the table and chair choices to fairy lights to hanging chandeliers - the possibilities really are endless!

  • Flowers: Wildflowers are a really great style to go with tipis. Lot's of different coloured flowers combined with trailing foliage make for a great bouquet, and why not use foliage table runners along your bench seating, rather than a table centrepiece. Add little quirky decorations such as milk churns or vintage bikes with a basket filled with flowers. These are great to use around your venue and to decorate your entrance ways.

  • Your Decor: Along with heaps of flowers throughout your venue, you can use lot's of natural textures (hessian, chalkboards, wooden centre-pieces etc.) to bring your theme to life. Fairy lights are always a winner and give off that extra special sparkle, especially when it comes to the evening. Long, trailing ribbons are also a great idea for tying your bouquets, and adding that extra special touch to chairs.

  • Tipi Companies: There are now many leading tipi companies in the UK who specialise in weddings. I've listed a few of my favourites below:

  • Special Event Tipis:

  • Papakata:

  • Fjell Events:

  • Big Chief Tipis

The save the date pictured is available here:

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