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Peach and Green Wedding Colour Theme

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

This peach and green wedding colour palette combines soft and delicate shades of peach, natural greens and neutral creams. Perfect for your rustic and natural wedding.

Peach and Green Wedding Colour Theme
  • The Stationery: This suite is so rustic and charming, using hints of hessian, bird details and bunting to set the scene of an outdoor and natural wedding. Using the peach and green as primary colours, then having creams as accents, with lighter colours being used in the floral detail. The font used appears hand-written and personalised, giving a sense of nostalgia to the recipient. Use your invitation design across the rest of your wedding stationery, including menus, table plan, order of service and name cards, along with any cute little signs you want to place around your venue.

  • Wedding Style: This natural and delicate colour scheme lends itself so beautifully to a rustic and rural themed wedding. Whether it's a barn, tipi, woodland or countryside venue, the use of bunting and hessian textures gives hints of decor which can be used throughout the day. A fairytale, embellished dress along with light grey suits give a softer, more delicate look, to go alongside peach and cream florals.

  • Your Decor: Along with heaps of flowers throughout your venue, you can use lot's of natural textures (hessian, chalkboards, wooden centre-pieces etc.) to bring your theme to life. Fairy lights are always a winner and give off that extra special sparkle, especially when it comes to the evening. DIY Mason jars are also a great idea for holding your flowers, appearing more rustic and chic, you can even spray these with your peach and green colours to stay in-keeping with your theme.

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Flower Bouquet

Mason Jar Decor

Floral Confetti

Floral Peach Button Hole

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