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5 Unique Wedding Favour Ideas

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Thinking of what wedding favours to give to your guests can be tricky. Let's be honest, we've all been to weddings before where we get favours that are just a bit lame and normally get left behind. What do you give that's going to be useful? What do you give that's not going to cost the earth? Is there anything fun and quirky you can give? This handy post gives you a few unique wedding favour ideas that I've found have gone down brilliantly.

Unique favour ideas for weddings

  • A little sample of your favourite tipple - A little drink sample always goes down well with guests! You could go for your favourite shot which your table can all enjoy together, drinks such as Raspberry Infused Gin, Jagermeister or Limoncello are all popular favourites, and what better way to get people chatting to each other! Just pour the drinks into mini bottles and add a little tag with 'Drink me' or 'We tied the knot, so take a shot'.

  • Give a charity donation - It's such a nice idea to give to charity instead of spending money on unwanted favours. Why not choose a charity close to your heart and donate a sum of money on your behalf. For example, if you have a dog you could donate to somewhere like Dogs Trust, or animal lovers could donate to RSPCA. If you want to remember someone special you could choose charities such as Macmillan or British Heart Foundation. I got engaged myself this year at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, so a place like this would be great to donate to. Make it personal and tell a story, and your guests will love and admire you for it. All that you would need to do for your guests is create a little tag or card which states that a sum of money has been donated on their behalf, easy peasy.

  • 'Let love grow' with a packet of seeds - This is a fun idea and who doesn't love flowers? A little packet of seeds with 'Let love grow' on them is such a cute idea and gives guests something they can keep, plant, watch grow and remember your wedding day.

  • Personalised sweets - You could give packets of your favourite sweets as favours. Perhaps the groom's favourites for the men, and the bride's favourites for the women. A lot of sweets can now be personalised including Love Hearts and M&Ms. It's something guests can either have a nibble on ahead of the meal, or keep for later as a little evening snack. Who isn't going to love free chocolate or sweets? Just pop them in a clear bag labelled 'Love is Sweet'.

  • Hangover remedy kit - Your guests may be feeling a little fragile the morning after your wedding, so a hangover kit is a nice touch, especially if they've travelled and are staying over somewhere. It's a nice way to let them know you're thinking of them the next day. Things such as paracetamol, coffee, plasters and chewing gum will all come in handy.

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